KnowVera Forms Ronin Game Studios to Create Wall Street Mobile Games

The company has announced two upcoming mobile titles: King of Trading and Battle for Wall Street.

Shutterstock Stock MarketKnowVera, a financial technology company, has announced the launch of its subsidiary company, Ronin Game Studios, which will focus on creating Wall Street-themed games and mobile apps. With this formation, the company has announced its first two games, set to hit mobile devices later this year.

In a statement, Harry Temkin, CEO of KnowVera and Ronin Game Studios, commented on the new company:

Our goal at Ronin Game Studios is to create unique and exciting games that will be entertaining and will bring the Wall Street experience into people’s lives like never before. Whether a trader, a game-of-skill player, an adrenaline junkie or a soccer mom, Ronin Game Studios will have an entertainment platform for everyone.

The company’s first game, King of Trading, is expected to launch in May 2015, and will offer a fantasy stock market trading experience, based on skill. The game will allow users to apply their own knowledge of the stock market and compete against other real-world players, in a real-time stock market simulation to win real cash prizes. The game is coming to mobile devices, and will also be a traditional desktop game.

Battle for Wall Street

The second game, Battle for Wall Street, is expected to release in June 2015. The life simulation game will challenge users to become the next “Titan of Wall Street,” as they start their own virtual firm. The game will require players to micromanage everything from the construction of trading floors to purchasing coffee, to hiring and managing day-traders. Battle for Wall Street is in development for iOS and Android devices.

Stephen Kalayjian, co-founder and COO of KnowVera and Ronin Game Studios, added:

As a professional trader with more than 30 years experience, I wanted to come up with a way to bring the excitement and energy of the trading floor to the mobile gaming space. By partnering with leading mobile game developers we created an entirely new and entertaining way to play the stock market.

Ronin Game Studios’ titles will be developed in partnership with DriveWealth, a global broker dealer and educational content provider, which helps investors understand finance and investing.

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