Know what cool video games to play next via Gamepie Facebook App

I love the candy-like logo as much as I love what GamePie has to offer for us Facebook users. A nifty application that would let us find out what are the cool video games available, which one to avoid, and which one would eat up our sleeping time. I use to have this problem during my Playstation gaming days – that is, buying games which turned out to be boring and ending up finishing just half-way through the game. Hopefully, GamePie could help us out fellow video gamers on Facebook.

GamePie is a pretty straight forward Facebook application. You rate games that you’ve played, compare your ratings with your friends’ ratings, recommend games and receive recommendations from your friends. It’s pretty much the same old social sharing activities with the common interest which happens to be video gaming.

But a good thing about GamePie is that when you look into the individual game titles, you’ll get access to information regarding that game. That is made possible by the fact that Gamepie was developed by Gamefly, a popular video game rental store.

In addition GamePie also features a Game Wall, which is basically works similar to the popular Fun Wall in Facebook.

You know the drill – login to your Facebook account, install the apps, and start finding cool games.

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