Knoller: This Job Can Be Annoying

CBS’ Mark Knoller sent the following email to his fellow WH reporters:

    Here’s what we got in August for the money, time and inconvenience of traveling with the President? We’re out of position for the big stories:

    Thursday, August 9: the traveling press is at 39,000 en route to Portland, Maine — the President holds a formal, solo press conference back at the White House

    Monday, August 13: the traveling press is at 41,000 en route to Waco — the President and Karl Rove appear before reporters on the South Lawn to announce and comment on Rove’s resignation.

    Monday, August 27: the traveling press has just landed in Seattle, while the President arrives at TSTC Airfield in Waco to make his first public statement on the resignation of Attorney General Gonzales.

    It’s money well-spent.