Knoll and Alphaville in Legal Battle Over Mies van der Rohe Furniture Rights

Alphaville Design has gotten themselves into a brawl with the furniture manufacturer and retailer, Knoll, over who owns the rights to Mies van der Rohe‘s entire Barcelona line of furniture designs. First, Knoll sued Alphaville’s customers after they were found to be selling Bacelona merchandise, a suit that was fought in court and eventually dismissed. Now the company is hitting back at Knoll, trying to get any and all ideas of exclusive patents Knoll thinks they have on van der Rohe’s designs removed. Here’s their plans from Alphaville’s president, David Lee:

“We are delighted that the New York courts dismissed Knoll’s lawsuit against one of my customers after we joined in their defense. Our case will clarify the law and show that Knoll cannot keep others from using these 1920’s designs that have been made by a myriad of manufacturers for over 40 years. We seek a full cancellation of Knoll’s trademark registrations with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.”