Kno Textbooks App for iPad 1.6 Adds 3D, Photos Notes & More (this is more like it!)

I wasn’t a fan of Kno’s gigantic dual-screen tablet when it was announced as a solution for college students textbook needs. I was also unimpressed by their iPad app after they ditched the Kno tablet hardware. However, Kno has been making steady progress on their software and people who actually use it were giving it solid positive ratings after their version 1.5 update for the iPad was released earlier this month. TechCrunch reported that Kno issued another significant update just weeks after its 1.5 release. Version 1.61 adds manipuable animated 3D images as well as several other enhancements to the textbook app.

Kno Turns Textbooks 3D (Video)

Now, this is more like what I had hoped to see in e-textbooks. Other new features are:

Smart Links: Difficult concepts explained through videos integrated in section
Photo Notes: Snap pics of a whiteboard or study session and instantly add them to your Journal
Video Notes: Take a video of a class or lecture and seamlessly integrate it with your notes

Kno Textbooks (iTunes App Store)

Kno 3D Molecules from Kno on Vimeo.

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