Kno Textbook 1.5 for iPad: Journal, Quiz Me, Optimized Reading View

I was not impressed by the giant dual-screen Kno tablet hardware (now gone). And, I was not impressed by Kno’s iPad app when it was relesed earlier this summer (June).

Kno Textbooks App for iPad: Totally Unimpressive. Here’s Why

Kno released a major update to the free Textbooks iPad app this week. Here are the three new features that Kno refers to as “game changing.”

1. Journal (NEW) –Automatically transfer any highlights, pictures, stickies or notes from your textbook into a digital notebook. Journal saves you time studying by centralizing what’s most important to you and allowing you to search and add annotations to your notes. In the next release Journal will include the ability to add hand written notes, photos, video, audio recordings and even share your notebook with friends.

2. Quiz Me (NEW) – Turns any diagram in your textbook or PDFs into an instant quiz. The Quiz Me feature hides the text labels of any image or diagram prompting you to fill them back in, helping you study more effectively. Track your progress and see your scores improve over multiple tries. (Works with all textbooks & PDfs!)

3. Optimized Reading View – Kno’s unique feature that automatically auto-zooms a page layout for an amazing reading experience.

Kno Textbooks (iTunes App Store)

ThisIsMyNext says that the Kno Textbook 1.5 could become a general PDF reader of choice thanks to its myriad of features and neat interface — not to mention its low price tag of free.

Kno for iPad 1.5 adds ‘Quiz Me’ and ‘Journals,’ web and Facebook apps also announced (video)

Kno Textbook users, I should note, disagree with my assessment and give versions 1 and 1.5 a solid 4-star (out of 5) rating. I guess I should take another look at the app.

Note: e-textbooks for the Kno Textbook app range from a few dollars to more than $100.