Kno Launches New Android App, Will Ship on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The new school year is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to release a new textbook app. Kno has just announced their expansion onto Android, with a new app that will ship on Samsung’s latest Android tablet.

This digital textbook distributor has been selling textbooks via their iPad app for the past year and a half, and they’ve had a Facebook app for nearly that long. And today they’re bringing all that experience in producing quality digital textbooks to Android.

Kno’s app combines the content from a physical textbook with more than 70 interactive features like automatically generated flash cards, notes and highlighting, a journal which collects a student’s work from each textbook, embedded video, audio, & interactive 3d models, and a Course Manager to organize textbooks by course. Kno recently launch in the K-12 textbook market and they now offer more than 200,000 college and K-12 titles from over 65 publishers.

Kno textbooks are available on the iPad, Android, and web, and will be coming to Windows 7 in the next few weeks.

Today Kno also released the next version of their app. The new app includes Social Sharing, and it’s going to allow students and teachers to collaborate by sharing highlights, notes and more within the context of a class. It will also enable teachers to share their curriculum with their class.