Kno iPad app updated

It’s been just over a months since Kno launched their iPad app, and today they pushed out a major update. A number of improvements have been added to the app, and as I look over the listing in iTunes I can see that I’ll need to try it again.

First and foremost, kno added dozens of minor tweaks and enhancements based on user feedback. it also worked bugs out of the code so the app could laod books faster. Page navigation has also been redesigned to make it easier for the user. Finally, you can now zoom in on all images.

The Kno iPad app is the second project from the company. It was started after the death of the Kno dual screen tablet, an expensive attempt to make a digital textbook platform.

The app lets students buy, read, and take notes in textbooks from most major publishers. It offers a selection of over 70 thousand titles.