Knight Ridder and Schieffer

Two items worth mentioning that we simply haven’t this week:

  • This whole deal with Knight-Ridder being up for sale turns out it might have a happy(ish) ending. McClatchy newspapers has put in a high bid, which might mean very good news for most of the journalists at both companies. Or, alternatively, at least better news than having someone else buy it.

  • Bob Schieffer is celebrating his first year of anchoring the CBS Evening News today. On last night’s newscast he said, “I remember saying that first night that I was honored to be asked to do this job. I also stated the obvious: that I was not exactly a new face. In fact, mine is a well-worn face, but my greatest treasure is that so many of you have come to trust me over my nearly four decades at CBS.

    “I promised that first night that I would never take that trust for granted. And that is still my promise. I will always remember that your trust must be earned one story and one day at a time.”