KNBC Launches New Digital Media Fellowship

KNBC has hired TV journo Hetty Chang to become its first Digital Media Fellow, under a new program launched in conjunction with the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). As part of her duties, Chang will be reporting for, as well as learning how to handle the station’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. Chang is an LA native, but most recently worked as a reporter for KSNV-TV in Las Vegas.

The timing of the new hire couldn’t be better for KNBC, which has been heavily criticized for a lack of diversity in the wake of the demotions of several Latino anchors. Chang’s hire will likely do little to satisfy the complaints of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists–who recently wrote an open letter to the station to complain that, in a city that’s 48 percent Latino, KNBC doesn’t have a single Latino anchor. That said, the move at least shows the station is attempting to diversify.