KNBC Launches Disaster/Info Site

In a move that’s either brilliantly clever or stupid beyond belief, KNBC has launched a disaster-relief wiki for the LA area media. We remember the LA Times’ fiasco with a public wiki. The invitation, sent by Colin Campbell, reads:

But what we would like is for some of the Southland’s web movers and shakers to (we hope) join with other journalists and media-types to participate in building this wiki into a useful tool for all forms of local media– new, old, and middle-aged.

Moving and shaking, FBLA notes that the site has a logo contest, a link to existing disaster plans, and a plea to brainstorm on potential disaster scenarios. In an attempt to be arch, the site considers an invasion of giant turtles unlikely, but a riot is of unknown likelihood. Good to know.

News director Bob Long greets visitors and confides that he dreamed this up at a DC think-tank conference. Despite that soul-sucking premise, what really struck him was the great work of the New Orleans Times Picayune website,, during Katrina. And he’s right and that’s cool. But if we’re to take this seriously, Long might want to edit some of the cuteness out of the tone. Actually–all the cuteness.

The site is supposed to be for media only, which in LA can mean anyone with a camera phone and a g-mail account. FBLA hopes that members of the Foreign Press Association didn’t get the invitation. Slow valet parking is not a disaster nor is the lack of chilled Evian.