Klout’s Updated Stats Are Interesting, But Confusing

We told you about Klout’s new scoring mechanism a few weeks ago and mentioned they would soon be sharing new features and something called “moments.”

Well, we got to check out these new features today and they’re certainly interesting – but a bit confusing too.

Klout has apparently spent the past several months making updates to improve the accuracy, functionality, and transparency of Klout. And today’s release has been met with mixed reviews on Twitter. You can follow along via #DiscoverYourKlout.


So let’s explore it.

The new Klout shows your stats over the previous 90 days. I guess. I’m not sure. Looks oddly uninformative and flat. But that may be more a reflection of my boring “influence” than Klout’s scoring:


And it shows you which platforms you’re most influential on. These results seem to make sense – at least for me:


But then it starts to get a little fuzzy – and I’m not sure if we can chalk this one up to using my Klout Score as an example.

I imagined “moments” would be the star of this show, as they’re supposed to “give you greater insights into how your posts affect your influence and Klout Score.”

To drill down even further, here’s more info from Klout on “moments,” supporting this expectation:

What is a moment?
A moment is a social media post that has generated action from the people in your networks.
Where can I see my moments?
You can review a day-by-day display of all your content on your dashboard. You can visit your profile page for a summary of your best content from the past 90 days.
What can I do with moments?
You can see who responded to your content, what network it was published on, and the overall impact of that content.
My Facebook moments seem reasonable, as do Google+ – both contain items I’d qualify as “moments” and that I know received a bit of traction.
Regarding Facebook: Klout users should note that there’s a drop-down allowing you to view moments through various filters. Private Facebook posts are still private, viewable only by you (as far as I can tell).
 My Twitter moments (the place where most of my influence is supposed to lie) just . . . aren’t moments. It seems to pull recent interactions over popular ones, maybe. I’m not sure what it’s doing, but I don’t think it’s getting it right. (Important note: I did delete a few moments that were random retweets before I thought to take screenshots and can’t recall if one of them held the top spot, but they would still support this same point.)
But maybe it’s just me. Have you tried the new Klout? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!
(Confused woman image from Shutterstock)