Klout Shares 6 Secrets Of Twitter Hashtag Chats

Klout is the influence measurement for Twitter, and they’re pretty influential themselves. Each week they host the hashtag chat #KloutChat, offering tips and information about the company and how to improve your Klout score.

Megan Berry, the company’s marketing manager, spoke with Ragan.com about six best practices for hosting your own successful Twitter hashtag chat.

Pick a topic people want to chat about. It might sound obvious, but Berry says one of the first things you need to do when launching your Twitter chat is to choose the right topic. She says that this might mean picking a topic that’s not directly related to your brand, but by hosting the chat you’ll still be raising awareness.

Design a chat that will foster debate and discussion. Berry says that hashtag chats should be about back-and-forth discussions, not statements about things that people always agree upon. And she also explains that you should “stick away from help/support type questions, and push those things to a separate place.”

Avoid being sales-y. Possibly one of the best pieces of advice that Berry has for those starting a hashtag chat is to keep all marketing messages out. They are discussions, not sales pitches, and participants will quickly tune out if they sense that you’re only using it as a platform to sell your wares.

Create a strong hashtag. The hashtag you choose should be “unique, clear and short”. As with #KloutChat, you can also include your brand name in the hashtag.

Reach out to the influencers. If you scout out your niche on Twitter, you’ll likely find a number of influencers who are currently discussing the topic of your chat. You can simply alert them to your chat, send a more formal invite, or even ask them to host one chat session as a gust. Berry explains that by reaching out to these users, you’ll get a good chunk of their audience along with their expertise.

Cater to the super-users. Just like reaching out to the influencers, you will also want to target your own “super-user” followers. Berry says that “these are the people you need to win over. Getting them involved in your company and having honest discussions with them is a great way to do that.”

Do you have any advice for a brand starting its own hashtag chat? Let us know in the comments!