Klout Redesign Focuses on Content Creation

Klout wants to help you create and share relevant content that keeps your audience influenced and engaged.


Klout is moving beyond scoring your influence to helping you generate original content.

Sanjay Desai, Klout’s chief product officer, told The Next Web that four tags that will be displayed to highlight fresh content:

  • On the Rise: Content that is on the verge of trending.
  • Crowd Pleaser: A user’s network is interested in the topics in the content.
  • Hidden Gem: Many people in your network haven’t seen the content.
  • Hot off the Press: Content was recently published by a trusted source.

Klout has also added a ‘Create’ section, which is similar to a news feed, a thumbs up/down feature, a compose message feature for pushing original content out to social networks like Facebook, and has eliminated the add topics to other profiles feature due to reports of abuse.

The Next Web says the update — in the spirit of YouTube star power — is tailored to people who want to make a living through the use of social media. But unlike YouTube, Klout hopes to repeat the process using other social networks.

It’s refreshing to see Klout take the approach of encouraging content creation. After all, for some, it was a tad annoying to hear an unsubstantiated score which offered no additional analysis. Now, Klout users have an opportunity to reinforce why they’re influential about a particular topic and have the tools necessary to measure the accuracy of that theory. But make no mistake that this refresh is not about the company justifying its existence — it’s doing just fine, Fernandez tells us. In fact, he says that this product release will help his startup break-even, inching ever so close to becoming profitable.

The Next Web breaks down the redesign and what it means here.