Tech Writer Finally Checks Out Klout

San Francisco headquartered  Twitter rankings firm has come a long way since co-founder Joe Fernandez gravitated to social media after getting his jaw wired shut in 2007. These days, the firm’s individual power score rating system is an increasingly frequent conversation topic.

The latest noteworthy media piece about Klout comes from Amber MacArthur, a technology writer with Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe & Mail. She was sparked to look more seriously at Klout after a mention from ICM’s head of new media:

A friend of mine, a well-known talent agent in Los Angeles named George Ruiz (@georgeruiz), tweeted this: “Started to have conversations with brands and buyers about clients’ Klout scores. It begins.”

For the record, MacArthur is a Klout 63 to Justin Bieber’s perfect 100. Via her own informal Twitter survey, she found that most of her social media pals don’t really care about their K-score. Yet.