Help #KloutForGood Spread The Word About Great Causes

Yep, another post about influence.

But this time we’re not talking about measuring it or growing it, we’re talking about sharing it – for good.

Everyone has influence somewhere. They may have varying degrees of influence, but everyone has it to some extent, in some way.

And the folks at Klout, just like Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, believe that influence comes great responsibility. Following that thinking, they’ve created Klout for Good.

With Klout for Good you can leverage your influence to make life better for others.

Our influencers have used their Klout to educate millions about topics ranging from heart disease in women to World AIDS Day. Help us drive positive change in the world with Klout for Good.

If you check out the #KloutForGood hashtag on Twitter, you’ll see folks sharing past and present Klout causes. This month’s focus is on helping charity: water. @CharityWater “is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.”



When you click to “donate your influence” the following customizable share widget will appear:

And then you tweet it out and there you go –  you’ve helped educate the world about Rwanda’s water plight. Here’s a video showing a bit more of the struggles these children face if you need added incentive to participate:

(Klout image from KloutForGood)