After 25 Wacky Years, KLOS-FM Morning Duo Mark and Brian About to Be Broken Up

Huge scoop for Don Barrett at

In an exclusive two-part interview available to website members, Mark Thompson (pictured, at right), co-host of KLOS-FM’s long-running Mark and Brian, confirmed that he will be retiring from active duty this summer. Although he might still engage in the odd bit of work for the station, he warned his regular morning zoo co-hosting days are officially numbered.

Per’s quick pick-up of the Barrett item:

Thompson says retiring has been on his mind, as he finished a plan to relocate to the Charlotte area with his wife. Thompson says the new house on Lake Norman has a studio and he’ll be available for occasional work, but he’s ready to quit doing the morning routine alongside Brian Phelps.

Thompson says Phelps would like to continue in mornings at the Cumulus-owned classic rocker, and says “they are interested in keeping him and [are] moving toward doing that.” The last day of the familiar Mark & Brian show on KLOS (95.5) will be August 17.

Expect some great final-weeks on-air celebrity send-offs. Orange County Register radio columnist Gary Lycan has further details.