KlickNation Grows Futuristic Wild West Social Game Six Gun Galaxy

Six Gun Galaxy is KlickNation’s latest offering in the Facebook arena, a fully 3-D Role-Playing Game set in a post-apocalypse future earth which has declined to a frontier society.

According to our data tracking service AppData, Six Gun Galaxy currently has over 200,000 monthly active users and 22,000 daily active users.

Six Gun Galaxy is complex enough that KlickNation released a Wiki to inform players how the various skills, attributes, statistics and modifications (cybernetic implants) work in the game. The Wiki also helps players make choices in the avatar they choose to play as well as the allies they recruit, for otherwise, the information is not available in the game.

The game has an engaging storyline, interesting characters and a graphical style that evokes the intended visceral, gritty feel. The game features are tied quite nicely into the social features of the game. Players build a town to earn cash that allows them to buy equipment, modifications and also recruit allies. Friends visit each other’s towns to earn cash and energy rewards, and friends can also choose to either fortify a building or rob it.

Apart from quests and combat with in-story enemies, players at level 10 can begin to challenge other players in a “rival” system in an asynchronous manner that earns them experience, cash and respect, which is a measure of their prowess and puts them on a Player vs Player ladder. Respect also acts as a different form of currency that is used to buy allies that are part of the player’s combat team.

Six Gun Galaxy monetizes by selling Platinum which can be used to purchase energy refills for actions, stamina refills for PvP or equipment and allies. It is to be noted that KlickNation is still tweaking the prices of some of the items; currently, the most powerful items in game are Platinum only, and these can be four times or more powerful than any other similar level equipment purchased with in-game cash.

Combat is turn based and can be frustrating as they are die-roll based, so an unlucky miss and a critical hit occurring between opponents usually means sure failure on side, especially in the early levels. Also, there isn’t a way to gauge the strength of the enemies wandering around the maps. Engaging in combat takes you to a separate screen where there could be more than one higher level opponent and a second wave as well.

KlickNation will no doubt continue to improve on the game and populate the Wiki with information currently missing, but the game is compelling enough that we see a slow but steady climb in MAU.

Interested readers can follow the progress of Six Gun Galaxy with AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.