Kliavkoff: Mobile IS Important to NBCU

The Hollywood Reporter has a good piece on George Kliavkoff‘s keynote address at the pre-CTIA Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live event on Monday.

During his speech, Kliavkoff, the chief digital officer at NBC Universal, said that although mobile is only a small segment of NBCU’s digital business, it’s going to get bigger. He also reportedly said that the mobile biz might hit $1 billion in revenue for the year. “Mobile is not a large chunk of the business, but it’s a piece we’re proud of, a piece that’s growing quickly,” the article quotes Kliavkoff as saying.

That’s quite a different spin than what NBCU chief Jeff Zucker told the folks at the World Economic Forum in January.

For more of what Kliavkoff said to expect from NBCU on the mobile front, click continued.

Mobile coverage will play an important part in the network’s coverage of the Olympics in Beijing this summer. According to Kliavkoff, both NBC mobile channels that run on the MediaFLO network will have ’round the clock feeds from Beijing. Verizon Wireless, the second largest U.S. wireless carrier, has been offering a FLO-based mobile TV service for a year; AT&T, the only one that’s bigger than Verizon, said its own MediaFLO service will go live next month. NBC will also offer highlights and other clips for on-deck video services.

There’s also the possibility that Hulu, the video site NBCU launched in partnership with News Corp, might see some wireless action, but, according to the article, Kliavkoff wouldn’t confirm anything.

“The concept of putting multiple content providers together to create a great destination with a really consumer-friendly interface to distribute premium mobile content is something we’re very interested in,” he said. “We’re not ready to talk about whether it will be under the Hulu brand or not. It would be just speculation at this point.”