Klein: CNN Not Sticking It To Fox (But Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That)

It certainly was interesting that CNN decided to air an encore presentation of the ABC/WMUR/Facebook debates at the same time FOX News aired a Republican debate. Howie Kurtz asked CNN’s Jon Klein about that yesterday on “Reliable Sources.”

    KURTZ: As Charlie Gibson mentioned, there is a Republican debate tonight on FOX News at around the same time. It’s now being called a forum because the state GOP has pulled out in a dispute about FOX’s decision to exclude Ron Paul and perhaps some other candidates.
    So, are you trying to stick it to FOX with some counter-programming?

    KLEIN: We’re not trying to. If that’s one of the off-shoots of it, so be it. But mostly, it’s an opportunity to give viewers a chance to hear Republicans and all of the viable Republicans and all of the Democrats

Read the full CNN transcript here.