UCLA Student Swears Off Mirrors for a Year

Here’s an experiment that seems tailor-made for the dissipating realm of first-person blogs. Ahead of her October wedding, UCLA grad student Kjerstin Gruys (pictured) decided to avoid looking into any mirrors for a period of one full year and blog about this kooky new day-to-day.

Her blog is cleverly titled “Mirror, Mirror… OFF The Wall, and as the big day approaches, she’s starting to get more media coverage. Andy Wright, a reporter with the Bay Citizen, explains how the idea initially took root:

Several years ago, Gruys recovered from an eating disorder and part of her recovery included learning not to be so critical of her looks. Becoming a bride kicked her critical self into hyper-drive. It also didn’t help that she was living in L.A., which she called, “Maybe the capital of obsessing over your looks.”

In the two weeks she prepared to go without a mirror she did things like practice how to put on a minimalist makeup palate with nothing but her fingers. She nailed sheets up over the expansive mirror in her bathroom and over the ones embedded in her closet door. (“I realized how built into our lives mirrors are,” she said.)

Gruys, who makes her permanent home in San Francisco, tells Wright she hopes to spin off a book from her mirror-deprived experimentation. Her zero-reflection days are scheduled to end next March.