Kixeye Announces Release Date for Tome: Immortal Arena

Tome: Immortal ArenaFree-to-play game developer Kixeye has announced a release date for its upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title, Tome: Immortal Arena. The game will launch on Steam on November 21, alongside the debut of a new 5v5 map called “Sanctuary.” The game is said to advance the overall MOBA genre, with a focus on action and combat instead of grinding.

In Tome: Immortal Arena, players will choose a Guardian from one of six domains: creation, death, water, air, earth or fire. In addition to the 5-on-5 Sanctuary map, players will be able to fight in the Coliseum’s 3v3 map.

Battles in Tome: Immortal Arena last 10-20 minutes each, on average, so the game will “never be boring.” The game is being designed for both MOBA novices and experienced veterans, with many traditional MOBA gameplay mechanics actually removed from the experience. For instance, there are no complex crafting recipes here, as well as no base fountains for healing. This, Kixeye says, creates a faster, more action-focused experience where players rarely have a reason to leave the frontline of combat.Tome: Immortal ArenaInstead of running back to base, players can purchase items and heal without leaving the action. Abilities have short cooldown timers, so players “can focus on battle, not a mana bar.” In addition, players will unlock relics and blessings to increase their strength in battle.

“Every design decision in Tome: Immortal Arena translates to a faster-paced, more action-focused player experience,” stated Rade Stojsavljevic of Kixeye, in a statement. “We’ve been tuning the game for the past several months in Closed Beta and are thrilled to bring the game to the Steam community with new combat-focused gameplay that distills the best things about the genre into a fresh MOBA experience.”

Tome: Immortal Arena will be available to play for free. Kixeye is currently working on another map that will support 7v7 combat. More details on the larger map will be revealed in the coming months.

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