Kiwi Journo Catches Blitzer on the Fly

James Robinson, a writer for New Zealand magazine Werewolf, just returned from a trip to Washington and writes about his adventure here.

Best part: the first thing he saw upon arriving to Reagan Airport in D.C. was CNN’s Wolf Blitzer running by, apparently wearing boat shoes and with a “jersey” (in New Zealand, that means “sweater”) tied around his neck. Robinson thought the anchor looked like he was going sailing for the weekend.

He also reported that Wolf’s “face seemed grey, and gaunt, and lifeless, (or even more so than it usually does).”

The New Zealander did, at least, appreciate having Blitzer as his impromptu welcoming party. “‘Brilliant,’ I thought to myself. ‘Wolf Blitzer, huh? 30 seconds in town, and I see a real mover-and-shaker in the flesh.'”

Otherwise Robinson wasn’t crazy about his D.C. visit. He calls it a “come once” town and says the city is like a “really, really good museum. But most of it is the same, long-standing exhibit, with little turnover in material.”