Kiwi Calendar: Papaya Mobile launches smart social calendar on iOS


Papaya Mobile has launched its social calendar app Kiwi Calendar on iOS devices. The calendar looks to help users balance their work schedules while also introducing them to new ways to spend their free time. The app syncs with Google Calendar and Facebook events, and is powered by a machine learning algorithm that analyzes user routines, locations, relationships and interests in order to provide a personalized experience.

screen568x568With Kiwi Calendar, users have access to traditional calendar features, like scheduling events, email and pop-up reminders for upcoming appointments and more. Calendars can be shared with friends to compare availabilities, and users can chat or share photos with their friends on specific event pages.

Once users have added their scheduled events to Kiwi Calendar, the app works to fill in empty spaces with fun activities, like movies and concerts. These “smart” event recommendations “know” when a user has free time, and will suggest nearby events based on their current availability.

“As Internet users today spend more time plugged into the Web at work, they’re seeking apps and devices that improve their offline well-being and relationships,” said Si Shen, CEO and founder of Papaya Mobile. “Knowing this, the Kiwi team developed a Web app and pocket-sized companion on iOS to manage life during and after work by lending a digital helping hand that strikes a balance between the best of both worlds.”

Kiwi Calendar is available to download for free on iOS. It’s also available on the web. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.