Kiwi: A Juicy Twitter Client for the Mac

YourHead rolled out a Twitter client for the Mac, Kiwi, that focuses solely on the microblogging service, not supporting other social-networking sites, and offers some interesting options, Mashable reported.

Kiwi offers a variety of themes, and Mashable pointed out its speed compared with other clients, as well as its keyboard commands for: creating tweets; going to replies, direct messages and favorites; selecting accounts; and retweeting. As far as retweeting, Mashable added that it can be done “the official way” or via an option to edit and retweet. And pictures can be appended and URLs shortened before sending.

The Twitter client also allows users to group together different Twitter followers’ timelines and view updates from all of them together, as well as adding certain searches or certain search rules to those groups, Mashable reported.

One more feature Mashable found useful: The ability to create a rule to automatically hide tweets containing a certain phrase, so if there is a Twitter meme users want to avoid, they can just add the hashtag to a rule and all of those tweets will be hidden.

Kiwi 1.0 does not support Twitter Lists, but YourHead told Mashable it will be added in a future version.