Kitchology Launches Cooking App for Users With Special Diets

The Kitchology app helps users with food allergies or special diets find recipes which fit their needs.

Kitchology has announced the release of its cooking app on iOS devices, aimed at users with food allergies or special diets.

The Kitchology app allows users to create a profile with items to avoid, like peanuts, dairy or gluten (as examples). When using the app to search for recipes, the app will use this ‘filter’ to find recipes which match the user’s individual needs (an option is also available to find all recipes without the filter).

Curated recipe channels are also available within the app, based on themes like quick meals or ‘nostalgia,’ as examples. These channels also support the food filter, so user only see recipes which match their requirements. Each recipe is listed alongside its ingredients and directions, and users can add these ingredients to their in-app shopping list. In a future update, the app will help users find ingredient substitutions so more recipes become available.


Outside of these recipe channels, users can flag ingredients they have on hand, and search for recipes including these ingredients. When users are ready to prepare a recipe, the app guides them through the step-by-step process, and allows users to add a photo and/or comment to each step. Users can share their final creation with friends when the dish is complete. Kitchology told SocialTimes additional social features are coming soon.

For brands, Kitchology looks to offer a way for food companies to connect with consumers. For instance, brands can create recipe channels to target users with specific needs. The first example of this integration is from, as a Food Day recipe channel is available in celebration of the upcoming Food Day ‘holiday’ on October 24. The goal of Food Day is to inspire Americans to change their eating habits and food policies.

Kitchology is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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