Kitchen Scramble: Check out these hints and tips straight from the developer!

Image via Disney

After a quiet launch on Facebook, tons of virtual chefs are now diving into Disney / Playdom’s Kitchen Scramble on Facebook. The game challenges players with running their own food truck, cooking dishes for hungry customers while keeping an eye on their patience meters.

The more customers players successfully feed in each level, the more coins they earn and the more goodies they can purchase for their food truck. Faster cooking ovens, faster stand mixers, and even coffee machines are up for grabs in the game’s store, but there’s plenty of challenge standing between players and total success in the kitchen.

To help us out along the way, Disney has given Inside Social Games a list of hints and tips for being as successful as possible in the kitchen. Keep these in mind the next time you head into the kitchen and you just might top your old high score!

  • Different towns have different Location Goals. To see another town’s Location Goals, click the Welcome sign.
  • Complete Location Goals to earn big Star Token rewards!
  • Practice makes perfect! Practicing new recipes will help you maximize your score.
  • Different dishes have different prices. Prioritize the high-priced items for maximum score!
  • A Heart Crystal instantly fills the heart meter into heart bonus mode. They’re only dropped by 5-heart customers.
  • In Heart Bonus Mode, you’ll earn bonus coins for every delivery, and customer patience goes up to full hearts.
  • Mystery Customers show * for their order. They’ll take anything. But they’ll really pay big for their secret desire.
  • On a timed level, it’s a good strategy to serve the 5-heart customers first.
  • Don’t feel bad about throwing away items. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s all organically composted!
  • You can serve anything to a Mystery Customer … even Grits!
  • The Hipster is a big fan of eggs and pesto, but not at the same time.
  • On an un-timed level, leave the coins on the counter as long as possible. Use the extra time to pre-make items for the next customers.
  • Always be caffeinating. Don’t wait until you need coffee, always have a pot brewing.
  • You can leave finished batters in the mixer or the bowl. You’ll be a step closer to a final product but not at risk for burning.

Kitchen Scramble has over 5 million monthly active players, according to AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social apps and developers. The game is now available to play for free on Facebook.