Kit Kat App Designed To Give Users A “Break” From Social Media

Ad agency JWT has launched a new app for Nestle’s Kit Kat that plays on the brand’s “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat,” tag line. The “Social Break” app is designed to be a break from social networking and will automatically post status updates for the user.

The app’s website explains more: “Kit Kat Social Break, a widget that spares you the pressures of hitting the Like, Re-tweet or Share button every time you are tagged in a post. Simply turn on the widget, log into your social media accounts and tune out from the stress of social networking whenever you feel you need a break.”

The website explains the need for social breaks with research. According to JWT Singapore, which surveyed 19 to 26-year-olds in China, Singapore and the U.S.,  more than 50 percent of young adults “find it too time consuming and stressful to keep up with all their social media commitments.”

Via Reuters.