Kirstie Alley Is The First Celebrity Cameo In A Facebook Game

Kirstie Alley, the very public and notoriously inconsistent dieter, has made a cameo appearance in the Zoo World Facebook game. The game, which revolves around building a zoo and keeping your customers happy, now allows for you to either purchase a Healthy Snack Stand item that is sponsored by Kirstie Alley, or you can buy a Kirstie Alley Greeting stand, which just sits there and looks pretty.

The items are shown above, and fit right into the game style. Other than the name brand, they don’t have much to do with Kirstie at all, and her camp hasn’t released any press relating to the items. It seems that her advertising firm is probably dipping their feet to see what kind of response they get.

It’s interesting to see celebrities make their way into social games, and the fact that it is a prominent female dieter just underscores the fact that females are the main demographic for games, with 55% of social gamers being women aged 43 on average. Will this lead to more celebrity endorsements inside social games, I’d guess that this is definitely the case. It’s only a matter of time before the Ellen talk show decides to do a feature on how a great number of housewives are playing these games, and certainly that will have advertisers and sponsors clamoring to get their name out.

Soon, big names might make their own games, and we’ll see the Oprah Talk Show City or the Ellen Night Club game. That didn’t work very well for the console game world, but that didn’t stop companies from trying. The number of terrible sponsored games is too high to count, but even just thinking about it top-of-head, I remember Shaq-Fu being terrible and the Home Improvement game having nothing to do with the show (and barely anything to do with ‘fun’, as well).