Sen. Gillibrand Boozes at BuzzFeed Q&A

The audio was kind of a wreck but the second installment of BuzzFeed Brews, this time a Q&A with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), otherwise went just fine.

Gillibrand is apparently unafraid to drink with the big boys. Literally, big boys. She gave the towering D.C. Bureau Chief John Stanton a bottle of Jameson whiskey at the end of the interview, during which she downed the beer that sat at her side. Her glass of water went hardly touched.

Afterward, the open bar continued for another hour. What was Gillibrand doing? A shot with Stanton in the back part of 201 Bar.

As was the case with the first BuzzFeed Brews, the place was crawling with journalists and Capitol Hill workers who showed up to watch the interview, eat the hors d’oeurves and take advantage of the free booze.

Yahoo! News‘ Chris Moody approached to tell us how happy he was with our coverage of news junkie and avid tweeter Marty Rudolf. He said he’d previously considered getting to the bottom who Marty really is. We told Moody, who has gained a reputation for staying in haunted hotels and hunting pythons, he should have flown to Marty’s hometown of Chicago and wrestled him. “It would have to be a two-part series,” Moody said.

The full interview with Gillibrand can be seen here.

Notables: BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray, Chris Geidner, Benny Johnson and McKay Coppins; Metro Weekly‘s Justin Snow; Slate‘s Dave Weigel; Justin Green of the David Frum blog; and CRC publicists Ashley Morris and Kelley Hudak.

Gillibrand’s finished beer.

Stanton receiving a bottle of Jameson whiskey from Gillibrand.