For $20,000, You Can Name This Crowdfunder’s Kid

Take my perk... please.

At first glance, the crowdfunding page designed to underwrite Kira Soltanovich’s one-hour comedy special looks like any other. At press time, there are 13 days left and the stand-up comic is one-fifth of the way towards her goal of $30,000.

But look a little closer and a couple of perks jump out. For 30K, a donor will get to cut the cord at the forthcoming birth of her second child, a daughter. And for 20K, the name of this offspring is in the offing.

“To clarify, if someone is willing to donate the $20,000, Kira and her husband will meet with them to discuss the middle name ideas the donor has and they have every intention to follow through,” a spokesperson for the couple tells FishbowlNY. “They will however not use anything vulgar, sexist, racist or offensive and that’s what is implied when mentioning “within reason.’”

“If for some reason someone was wanting to suggest an offensive name, they would of course in good faith, not accept the donation,” the rep continues. “They actually have not even chosen the baby’s first name, so they are secretly hoping the donor comes up with a suggestion they can use for the first name. They are really excited at the thought that this ‘naming’ would make a fantastic story to one day tell their child.”

Ha ha. That’s hilarious. We can just imagine the circa-2022 household conversation:

Ralphina: “Mommy, how did I get the name Ralphina?”
Mom: “Well, do you remember that TV program mommy is in, that you saw a little bit of the other day…?”

Soltanovich, seven months pregnant, will film the TV special May 10 during a performance at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. She taped her first special in 2012, has a podcast for which she interviews other comedians with kids and appeared for a number of years as a correspondent on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.