Director of New Media Doug Harbrecht Talks Social Media is quickly becoming a force in the online investing/personal-finance magazine sector, and director of new media Doug Harbrecht has been with the company since 2006, when he left his post as executive editor of BusinessWeek Online.

Harbrecht spoke with Joe Ciarallo of PRNewser on a wide range of topics. Highlights follow:

We have very active social-media efforts going on. We’re on Twitter, we have a Facebook page. We work regularly with Digg and Reddit to feature interesting content. We’re up to 1,500 Facebook fans and 6,000 Twitter followers. Our feeds on those platforms are purely content. We don’t do contests, sweepstakes or anything like that.

What we’re seeing is that Facebook is more of a driver to content on our Website than Twitter. Twitter for us is more getting our name out there, being part of conversations taking place. In terms of traffic to site, Facebook does a better job.

Mobile applications is another space where clearly something is happening — we don’t know what it is yet.

We’re not going to tweet every story. When our best college values story come out, we’ll put it out. That is something we’d certainly tweet.

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