Kinsley makes news across the pond

mkg.jpgTurns out Merry Olde England cares about the Merry Olde LAT Editorial Page. The Guardian ran a story on Michael Kinsley’s departure, complete with an interview, in which Kinsley sounds less bitter about Jeffrey Johnson’s desire for a ‘clean break’ than he did in that widely-circulated email:

Kinsley, who thought he was negotiating a new role for himself, now realises that he was being propelled towards a “clean break”. “I thought that we were going to come to some agreement unless I decided to go,” he says. “So when he said we should cut the cord, I said, maybe, you might be right. But then … I started to feel unwanted. At first I felt he really has handled this badly, but actually he handled it very well.”

I have to admit that I don’t quite understand Kinsley’s emotional arc in this story. (Thinking Jeff Johnson Might Be Right -> Feeling Unwanted And Sending A Huffy Email -> Deciding That Johnson Handled Things Well.) But I’m glad he feels better about the whole thing. I just hope I do, someday.

(Link via L.A. Observed)