Kingsley Promoted

The Politico has promoted media coordinator Kim Kingsley to the position of Executive Director for Media and Special Projects. Jim VandeHei and John Harris’ internal email after the jump…

    From: Richard Cullen
    Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 12:07 PM
    To: TP-Staff
    Subject: An important announcement from John Harris and Jim VandeHei

    All of you have worked with Kim Kingsley as media coordinator already know that she is one of our most valuable Politico employees. Her success in promoting Politico and managing events like the spring presidential debate has led us to expand her responsibilities. Starting immediately, Kim’s title will be Executive Director for Media and Special Projects.

    She’ll continue to oversee Politico’s media efforts, helped out by a new assistant who we hope to be selecting soon. But she will also be taking the lead in coordinating a variety of other Politico endeavors. Most of the projects involve cooperation across all fronts–editorial, technological, and business. Kim’s sound judgment and superb organizational skills make her the ideal person to make sure that the wealth of good ideas afloat in all parts of our operation are accomplished with maximum efficiency and impact. She will frequently be serving as a bridge between the Politico newsroom, our Allbritton colleagues at WJLA and News Channel 8, and the 27th floor.

    These roles make Kim an essential part of Politico’s management team. We welcome her in the new position and know that everyone in all parts of Politico’s operation will appreciate having Kim as an ally in encouraging creative ideas and getting them launched.

    John Harris

    sJim VandeHei