King to Wyoming : You Complete Me

The tweet says it simply:
“Wyoming Diner; 50th State.”

Yes, it’s true. CNN’s John King has completed his goal to do a diner segment in all 50 states. He crosses the finish line with this quaint snow-dusted diner at Nora’s Fish Creek Inn in Wyoming.

The segment airs Sunday and will be in the context of a larger one on Wyoming’s driving economic force: tourism. King called his 50-state tour an “incredible learning experience” and a privilege.

“The great value of these visits, what makes me proud of doing them, is you’re hearing concerns from people that weeks later you would see in the polls,” said King through a CNN spokeswoman. “For example, when we started this journey President Obama’s popularity rating was near 80 percent. Now, he’s near 50 percent — and we lived that.

“What’s remarkable is the people we met were in the middle of enormous challenges in their lives – job loss, homelessness, deploying or returning from Iraq or Afghanistan – and yet they were resilient and optimistic and somehow found a way to keep going.”