King Launches Diamond Digger Saga on iOS, Android

diamond digger saga 650Social and mobile game company King has announced the launch of Diamond Digger Saga on mobile devices. The match-three game was originally released on Facebook earlier this year, and challenges players to dig their way into the ground, spreading water through their created tunnels to complete quests. The game offers cross-platform support, allowing existing Facebook players to connect to their accounts and begin playing where they left off.

Each level of Diamond Digger Saga contains a move limit and a different goal. Some levels may ask players to simply clear enough gems to earn a large number of points, while others ask users to collect toys by clearing matches on top of toy-locked squares. Another level type sees users waking fireflies by touching them with water, while yet another type asks players to remove dirt under totems so they can fall into a hole at the bottom of the screen. The gameplay here is different from the company’s other titles (like Candy Crush Saga), in that players travel between multiple rooms and game boards in each level.
photoPlayers destroy gems by tapping on groups of three or more like-colored symbols. In doing so, they remove dirt from the screen. This dirt blocks the path of water throughout the level. Therefore, once it’s removed, the water flows into those new areas. Once the water hits an exit door somewhere in the stage, players move onto the next room or game board, even if they’ve yet to collect all of the toys, or clear all of the dirt from the current room. Some rooms contain multiple exit doors, so it comes down to which door the water hits first.
Gamers earn two bonus moves for each room they clear, and will have access to additional power-ups and obstacles as they play. Some water doors may be locked with keys, for instance, requiring users to touch keys with water (typically in hard-to-reach locations) before the door can be opened. Powers include rockets that clear whole rows and/or columns of gems from the board, bombs that clear all symbols a particular color (a free version must be charged by clearing gems), TNT charges that clear one small section of gems from the board, and so on.
Players lose lives if they can’t complete a level’s requirements before running out of moves. Lives recharge automatically over time, or can be purchased with real money. Some power-ups are also premium items, and must be purchased with real money once the game’s free samples run out.
Social features allow users to compare their high scores against friends on each level, or send friends free lives to keep playing.
“Having already launched Diamond Digger Saga on Facebook, we’re so excited to be bringing this charming, yet challenging digger adventure to mobile devices,” says Tommy Palm, games guru at King, in a company statement. “We think players will love all aspects of this game, from the fun gameplay modes to the delightful characters, to the bright and colorful graphics.  We can’t wait for fans of our games to start their mobile digging!”
Diamond Digger Saga is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.