King Kong Attacks The LA Times

The Los Angeles Times gave readers of its print edition a little treat (or annoyed them thoroughly, depending on what your take on ads happens to be) by including a four-page ad that mimicked the paper’s “LATEXTRA” section.
Several stories featured in the section follow mysterious attacks on Universal Studios Hollywood and large footprints across Los Angeles, all of which, it turns out, are the work of one Mickey Rourke King Kong. The section is meant to drum up excitement for the theme park’s revamped King Kong ride.
The section is clearly labeled as an ad and, we think, demonstrates perfectly how ads can be fun and innovative even when they’re not on eReaders and full of flashing images and videos and music and such. You might say we’re…
Ape over it.
Or going bananas.
Or just monkeying around.
Or suffering from mild heat stroke at the moment.