King Knocks Post

The Washington City Paper digs up a farewell memo from Colby King to his Post colleagues, in which he slams the editorial page for being too eager to advance Jackson Diehl’s individual causes (King never mentions Diehl, but the City Paper says all the arrows point in Jackson’s direction).

More from King:

    The board, in my final view, needs to think through its position on Iraq, encouraging a full expression of views. Likewise, there must be a serious examination of race—how we editorialize about Prince Georges leaders vs. Northern Virginians-the language, the selection of words we use when talking about black vs. white leaders in the region.

    The page must also take care to avoid resorting to sophomoric language when addressing serious matters. There is a tone that a Post editorial must maintain to preserve its unique standing in journalism.

    Well enough of that. Sorry, it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. But that’s what happens when the door’s about to slam shut.

Read the whole thing here and Erik Wemple’s accompanying piece here.