moves into Asia with localized games today announced it’s expanding its global presence by bringing localized versions of its most popular “Saga” games to both Japan and South Korea.

Both Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga’s Facebook versions will be the first to be localized, with mobile versions following afterwards — both on iOS and Android.’s localized expansion adds to the company’s continuing success on both social and mobile platforms. AppData shows Candy Crush Saga is now the top application (not just game) on Facebook, both by monthly and daily active users, and says the game had more than 1 million DAU in Hong Kong alone (even before the localized version launched in that area).

We’ve heard from developers before that localizing games can give them a huge leg up over the competition. Robert Nashak of the BBC spoke to us in September about how localizing the Dancing With the Stars social web game was a huge part of the title’s ability to thrive outside of Facebook. “The games world is coming to the realization that there’s no need to have a North America-only version of a game,” he told us at the time. “If you build the game correctly and plan long term, you can win on localization alone.”

Territories like Korea and Japan, which are well-known for their populations’ voracious appetite for online games, are smart areas to expand into with localized games. While has already conquered the social mobile market here in the West, doing so in Japan alone could mean a massive increase in revenue for the developer. As it was reported yesterday, Puzzle & Dragons is the top mobile game in Japan and is bringing in somewhere between $54 to $75 million each month across iOS and Android.