Kindles And iPads Are Most Popular eReaders: ChangeWave Research

Kindles and iPads are closely competing this holiday season. While more people currently own Kindles, iPads are growing in popularity, says a new consumer research study by ChangeWave Research.

In August, ChangeWave interview more than 2,800 consumers to inform the new report called “The Consumer Electronics Spending For the Holidays. The report found that 47 percent of eReader owners own a Kindle and 32% own an iPad. Interestingly, readers find the iPad more satisfying as an e-reader, with 75% of iPad owners saying that they are “very satisfied” with the tablet as an eReader, compared to 54% of Kindle owners reporting the same thing.

When it comes to those who are considering buying an eReader in the next 90 days, 42% said they would buy an iPad and only 33% said they would buy a Kindle. Still, despite plans, the price difference between the two devices could make Kindle a more popular holiday gift than the iPad.