Kindle Store Now Listing eBooks in 6 Languages

In the past I’ve shown you that the K4 had menus customized for 5 other languages, which was a sign that Amazon planned to launch local Kindle Stores in more countries. Today I’ve learned that Amazon has already added new sections to the Kindle Store for the new languages. That’s surely a sign that they’re planning ahead.

Piotr of eBookFriendly was the first to notice this week that Amazon had reorganized the Kindle Store. He found that Amazon is now letting customers look at just a single language at a time. This is going to make it much easier for readers to focus on just the language they want to read, obviously.

Amazon isn’t  stocking very many titles in some of the languages, with around 4 thousand available in Portuguese and 40,000 available in French. But it’s still a good start towards building a multi-language eBookstore.