Kindle Protest #1: eBook Prices are Too High!

I don’t have a Kindle. But, I do have an iPhone (and iPod touch) and installed the free Kindle app on both devices. I also bought my first Kindle book to read on those devices a few weeks back before heading on a flight. Althought Kindle ebooks tend to be less expensive than those annoying (to me) individual app ebooks for the iPhone, I still thought it was a bit much to pay $7.99 for an ebook counterpart of a paperbook that also costs $7.99. After all, the ebook has no manufacturing, shipping, stocking or any other kind of physical distribution cost associated with it. And, I cannot loan or give the book to someone after I read it. So, it is less functional in that respect. According to this item, it looks like I’m not the only one a bit annoyed about ebook prices…
Kindle Readers Ignite Protest Over E-Book Prices
Protesters are using Amazon’s book tagging system to point out ebooks that are price more than $10 with ‘9 99 boycott’. As one person interviewed for’s article said, it doesn’t make sense just to tag $10 books. The whole Kindle ebook pricing structure seems a bit whacky to me.