Kindle Has Top Selling Day On Cyber Monday

Amazon reported today that Cyber Monday and Black Friday were the bestselling days to date for Kindle devices. In addition, the company reported that Kindle Fires and Kindle eReaders have held the top four positions on Amazon’s bestsellers list since they launched almost three months ago.

The company reported that Cyber Monday was the Kindle’s bestselling day ever. Amazon offered the Kindle Fire for $129 yesterday, $30 off of the usual $169 price tag. While Amazon would not reveal how many they sold, the company reported in a press release that, “customers flocked to the deal.” In addition, Amazon reported that the Kindle Fire HD has been the most gifted and the most wished for product globally since it launched.

Finally, Amazon said that since launch in September Kindle devices, accessories and digital content make up 9 out of the top 10 of the company’s best-selling products globally.