Kindle Gets Its Own Sports Car Guide

Sports Car Guide Cover.jpgChicago-based automotive journalist Jim Gorzelany has taken his expertise and packaged it up into what he says is the first new car reference guide created specifically for Amazon’s Kindle device and iPhones with the free Kindle Reader software installed.

The Automotive Intelligentsia 2009-2010 Sports Car Guide covers more than 50 sports cars with sticker prices ranging from $20,000 for us everyday folk to $2 million for that rare breed of consumer with a whole lotta extra pocket cash.

Gorzelany pulled together profiles that detail each model’s “heart-pounding performance,” advanced technology, heritage, photos and specifications.

Future entries in the Automotive Intelligentsia series will include guides to economy cars, family cars and luxury cars as well as the first e-book new car pricing guide for the 2010 model year designed for the Kindle.

The sports car guide is available for $5.59 from the Amazon Kindle store.