Kindle for Mac’s Brief Beta?

Amazon seems to have worked out the bugs or the kinks or the whatevers in its Kindle for Mac app, because when it quietly debuted yesterday, it was in beta, and today, it’s not. Or at least Amazon is no longer advertising the app’s beta status on the Website, even if the App is still in beta.

Yesterday was a controversial day for Amazon: the company very visibly put the pressure on four trade publishers over eBook pricing. Folks remarked on the quiet launch of the Kindle for Mac app amidst all the other controversy. Amazon must be ready to make some noise about the app today, as the company no only took it out of beta, but sent a notification email to those who requested one.

People aren’t too impressed with the Mac app. Wired said: “It’s pretty bad. If you want to zoom the text, for example, the standard Mac shortcuts are Cmd + and Cmd -. They don’t work. Instead you have to open a special panel, which can leave a blank “cut-out” in the text after it has been closed.”

But the best use of the app is probably interacting with ones notes and underlining, or to search. Anyway, enjoy your app.