Kindle for Blackberry Reviewed

This blogger does not have a blackberry, so eBookNewser will have to rely on someone who does for an impression of how the new Kindle for Blackberry app, released in beta yesterday, works. Fortunately, Lance Ulanoff over at AppScout posted a prompt review of the app this morning.

Unsurprisingly, he basically says that while the app offers all the cool features of Amazon’s other Kindle apps–syncing between devices, access to the Kindle store, color cover images of books in the user’s library–a Blackberry screen (at least on the smaller, non-touchscreen Blackberrys) is too small to offer a satisfying reading experience. “Large screen BlackBerry’s like the Storm 2 may provide better reading experiences, but if you have a 320×480 screen, like I do, you may want to think twice about downloading Kindle for BlackBerry beta.”

While it’s very cool to have access to eBooks on all kinds of devices– so that if you don’t feel like dragging your Kindle to the gym, but take your smartphone everywhere, you can read–there’s something, a lot really, to be said for the idea that comfort, meaning a certain, book-like, page- and font-size may well be essential for pleasurable reading. Maybe Japan’s cell-phone novels aren’t so immanent.

[Image from AppScout]