Kindle For Android?

Dell has really been teasing the Mini 5 handheld, which appears destined to be the first official Android device from Dell that is sold in the United States. The Mini 5 is a small tablet that has a 5 inch screen that will display at 800 x 400. In light of the Apple iPad, HP Slate, and all of the smartphones, it is hard for me to imagine why I would want to buy the Mini 5. For me the key piece of information that will either make me more interested, or cause me to just move along is the price. If Dell sells the Mini 5 for $200, it might be good enough for someone who likes the idea of a tablet, but doesn’t want to pay the $500 or higher price of an iPad. On the other hand, if the Mini 5 costs $500, why bother when you can get an iPad with a larger screen for the same price, even though the smaller Mini 5 will be more portable?

Today Engadget posted some marketing materials leaked from Dell, and Kevin Tofel’s eagle eyes caught an interesting piece of information in the material, which is that the Mini 5 will include several Amazon services, including the Kindle eBook software. Obviously, one can conclude that if the Kindle eReader software will run on the Mini 5, it should run on any Android device. However, a big caveat is that there is precedent in the Android world of making apps exclusive to certain devices for a period of time. None-the-less, if you are a fan of eBooks, there is now a reason to keep an eye out for when the Mini 5 launches, even if you aren’t interested in the Mini 5.