Kindle Fire Reviews From Around The Web

The Kindle Fire shipped this week and reviewers around the web are sharing their thoughts on the new device. It’s been compared to the Nook Tablet, the BlackBerry Playbook and even the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The consensus, it’s pretty good for a $199 tablet, but it’s no iPad.

Engadget wrote: “So, the Kindle Fire is great value and perhaps the best, tightest integration of digital content acquisition into a mobile device that we’ve yet seen. Instead of having a standalone shopping app the entire tablet is a store — a 7-inch window sold at a cut-rate price through which users can look onto a sea of premium content. It isn’t a perfect experience, but if nothing else it’s a promising look into the future of retail commerce.”

The Wall Street Journal called it a “grown-up eReader with tablet spark.” Here is more from Walt Mossberg‘s review: “When compared to the iPad 2, I suspect the Fire will appeal to people on a budget and to those who envision using the iPad mainly to consume content, as opposed to those who see the larger tablet as a partial laptop replacement.”

The LA Times hasn’t posted their review yet, but the do have a nice unboxing video, which we have embedded above.

CNET complained that it was too slow. They write: “We’ll keep an eye on the Fire’s speed in the coming weeks, and if we notice an increase in speed (or if Amazon releases an update that purports to improve speed), expect a follow-up post. Right now, however, don’t expect a very zippy Web or app-downloading experience.”

PC World gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars. They write: “The Amazon Kindle Fire makes trade-offs to achieve a $200 price. It’s easy to dismiss some of the compromises and weaknesses of the Kindle Fire as the sacrifices necessary to achieve a price point, but the reality is that the Fire may not meet your expectations if you’re looking for an Apple iPad 2-like tablet.”

USA Today compared it to the Nook Tablet and gave the Fire the advantage only “by a nose.” The reviewer writes: “I wouldn’t elevate the Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet to knockout status just yet, but they are solid and appealing. I’d give a split decision to Amazon because of a lower price and all its content. ”

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