Kindle Fire Now Setting Ad Networks Aflame

Last week Amazon gave us a glimpse into how many Kindles they’ve sold, but they didn’t get into the nitty gritty details on exactly how many of their new tablet, the Kindle Fire, they’ve sold.  Today an ad network has released traffic figures for November, and they definitely show the influence of the Kindle Fire.

Millennial Media has reported that, just in the first few weeks since it launched, Kindle Fire ad impressions on its network have been growing by 19% each day. If this trend continues, the Kindle Fire’s impression growth will  be growing at a rate faster than that of the Apple iPad.

The mobile ad network has also said reported that the Kindle Fire was responsible for helping Android ad impressions to hit 50% in November. This was still down slightly from October, and that was likely due to the increase in iPhone 4S users and a spike in BB Playbook sales as that tablet went on clearance.

Other tracking data confirms some details from Millennial Media’s report, including a slight increase in iPhone browsing and the dip in Android browsing. While this doesn’t tell us how many have been sold it does suggest that the Kindle Fire is having a noticeable effect on its competitors.