Kindle Fire Coming to France in April?

That’s the rumor going around right now, and while there’s no real evidence for it, it is a delicious rumor.

The French blog Revioo is reporting that Amazon is holding an event next week.  We don’t know what Amazon plans to talk about, but Revioo has learned that the invite says “share information about Amazon in France.” They also reported that this bears a striking resemblance to the invite that Amazon sent out last year when the Kindle Store launched in France.

As much as I would like this rumor to be true, it would seem to be unlikely. The Kindle Fire would need access to mp3 & video content and the Amazon App Store to be as profitable in France as (everyone believes) it is in the US. Amazon is currently selling the KF at a loss, and it is widely believed that the content sales make up for the difference. And those stores are all limited to the US, so unless Amazon launches them in France next week I doubt that the KF will be launched.

But I will be on the edge of my seat next week, waiting to read the news.

via Revioo